Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why we won't buy a car in the UK and will use Public Transportation

UCL Quadrangle where Rindy works

Peggy & Rindy Move to London, England

Peggy & I have some news that we wish to share with you all; after 27 years working at WHOI, Rindy has accepted a wonderful new position at the University College London, London, England. She will begin this new job in early March 2009. Rindy will go to London first and has rented a room in a home near the University. Peggy will follow when we have rented our Falmouth house. As you can imagine, this new endeavor will impact to a small degree, our breeding of PBGV & NORWICH puppies. The timing is good for us from a breeding prospective as the girls we would breed are still to young to do so. Our plan is to send PBGV ELLA to her co-owners Andrea Williams & MichaelAnne Herbst in VA and let her grow up a bit before breeding her sometime in the future. All other PBGV girls have been spayed and will be placed in new wonderful homes. We have only one young Norwich girl at the moment and COOPER will be traveling to London with us. Depending on when her next heat begins, we may be able to breed her before she goes to London and we will whelp a litter aboard. We already have vet contacts thanks to friends-of-friends referrals. As breeders, we look forward to interacting with our European colleagues in the PBGV and Norwich worlds.

The internet is a wonderful communication device and my email address will be the same (dostermann@whoi.edu). We are always only an email or phone call away! We will also be SKYPING with video calls to those with SKYPE. And we will be regularly traveling back and forth “across the pond” and look forward to future PBGV and Norwich gatherings. We will eventually have a 2 bedroom/2 bath flat and everyone is invited and welcome to visit us in London. We will eventually have a blog on our website and I will let you know when it is up and running so you can all keep track of us.

Love, Peggy & Rindy

SKYPE name – dorinda.ostermann (rindy @ work)
SKYPE name – irisandoaks2 (peggy @ home)